Healthy Living Is A Lifestyle….

I’m Katina Davis, and for years, I dealt with the horrors associated with my children’s  health issues.  I have three children, all born with asthma, eczema, allergies, congenital heart defects (one of which required heart surgery at nine days old) and, last but certainly not least, a damaged kidney.

Thankfully, my children are in great health today; but, in the past, they had more than their share of doctor’s visits, prescriptions, emergency room visits, hospital stays and even surgeries. And, although I’m thankful that the medical interventions were all met with positive results, I hated the idea that they were dependent upon daily meds. I really wanted a better solution for them so I began educating myself about non-medicinal ways of managing their health issues.  This research opened my eyes to the unknown “silent killers” that were in my home and aggravating my children’s existing health issues AND exposing us to numerous other serious and deadly diseases! I had no clue; and what I didn’t know was hurting us all.  What I learned has changed our lives for the better! 

After making a few simple changes, my children’s health issues are completely under control; even their doctor’s want to know what I’m doing!   It’s simple, I went toxin-free!  Yes, I completely transformed my home to a toxin-free zone by eliminating any product whose ingredients contained toxic chemicals.  I started with the children’s products – their lotion, soap, toothpaste and laundry detergent.  Then, I went for the household cleaning products; after all, they were largely responsible for contaminating the air quality in my home, causing my kids’ asthma attacks and eczema outbreaks.  Next, I completely replaced everything I was using, starting with the “creamy crack” (with amazing results, I might add).  Next, I detoxified every aspect of my personal care regimen; my body wash, lotion, deodorant, hand washing soap, shampoo, hair care, make up and skin care products, toothpaste, mouthwash, everything!  I didn’t stop there, my over-the-counter meds, vitamins, weight maintenance products are all completely, 100% free of harmful, toxic chemicals. It was such a simple, easy and no-cost fix. I was buying all these products anyway, I just found a better store to purchase them from – one that actually cared enough to eliminate the toxic chemicals.

THE RESULT:   A healthier, safer household and family.  By eliminating toxins (any chemical substance capable of harming and producing disease in the body) I have experienced amazing results.  My children no longer suffer with asthma or eczema, and we have reduced our risk of cancer, organ damage and other health risks. And, it doesn’t hurt that my skin is more radiant and youthful, my belly fat is gone and I have TONS more energy! I can’t keep this little known secret to myself; I am committed to helping moms make the same life-changing choices for their own families. Will you be next?